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Is a product demonstration possible?

Our commercial representatives carry out product demonstrations. Please contact your nearest dealer for any queries of this kind.


Can I get my TESA measuring instrument repaired?

Most TESA Brown&Sharpe instruments can be repaired. Please contact your nearest TESA-approved service centre or e-mail: TESA.service@hexagonmetrology.com.

What is the difference between the UPC and the UPD?

The UPC has two inductive probes that are designed for comparative measurement because we work as close as possible to electrical zero to get the highest accuracy. However, the UPD includes an upper linear probe which provides a measuring range of 25mm and offers comparative plus direct measurement.

Is the UP software available for Win7?

Yes, for version 1.5 and later, but only for 32-bit operating systems. In addition, if you want to upgrade your version and you have a serial hard key, you need to upgrade it for a USB hard key.

What is the correction factor if I use a longer probe on indicators?

In such cases, reading values have to be doubled. In fact, the longer the probe is, the bigger the radial movement will be.