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What are the differences between dial gauge brands?

Dial gauges from TESA and COMPAC are considered TOP QUALITY products. They are made with the best quality materials and ensure smoother movement by having more rubies. Other brands offer the best value for money. Their margins of error are larger, but their prices are much more affordable. Please contact our team for more information.

How long does the TESA height gauge warranty period last?

All TESA height gauges are delivered with a warranty period of one year from the date of sale. This rule may not apply in specific cases for which additional details will be clearly stated at the time of the instrument initial purchase. Any MICRO-HITE height gauge user can extend the period of warranty by filling in a quick registration form available on TESA group website: here


Can I get a copy of my height gauge’s certificate?

You can obtain a copy of your gauge’s certificate at any time by contacting your local dealer.

How often do I need to get my TESA height gauge serviced and calibrated?

Under the normal usage conditions specified by TESA, it is recommended that you have the instrument checked once a year.

Which type of certificate comes with TESA height gauges?

TESA wants to meet the highest expectations in terms of standards. It is the reason why all height gages leaving TESA’s factory are delivered along with a free of charge SCS (Swiss Calibration Service) certificate. The SCS accreditation is the Swiss equivalent of the UKAS certification