Probe + TWIN-T10 display unit + Magnetic support = Your combined solution for portable quality control

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Internal micrometer with no influence of temperature variation on the measurement

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Feature Story TESA TWIN-T10 portable display for inductive probes

TESA TWIN-T10 display together with the GT 31 lever probe enable to check and adjust the CMM with sub-micron accuracy according to specifications during installation, calibration and maintenance.
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New range of TESA dial gauges

This new range brings together under the single TESA brand an 80-year history comprising of famous logos such as MERCER, ROCH, ETALON or COMPAC.


A wide range of applications are covered thanks to resolutions from 0,1 mm to 0,001 mm, combined with measuring ranges of up to 50 mm.


The yellow outline of the dial increases the contrast for better reading results.


Versions with a protection bellow and a waterproof screw-on dial are also available for use in demanding environments.


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Detachable 1D Probes News

New inductive probes with detachable cable.

Several TESA inductive probe models are now equipped with detachable cable!

These probes are an important evolution while preserving the metrological and mechanical characteristics on which the success of this range is based. As the cable can be unscrewed, the probes are particularly suitable for measuring installations where the change of probes leaving their cable connected is faster and avoids interrupting the control operations.

The resistant and flexible cable combined with a robust connector allows the use of TESA probes in harsh environments.


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Connectivity And Mu HITE

TESA reveals several new products: the new TESA µ-HITE measuring station, the TESA TLC-BLE Bluetooth® wireless transmitter in combination with the data collection software TESA DATA-VIEWER

The TESA μ-HITE is a compact and flexible all-in-one measuring station, specifically adapted to be used directly on the production line. It is suitable for laboratories and workshops, allowing precise, long-term measurements on many types of materials with a low and adjustable measuring force.

The TESA TLC-BLE Bluetooth® wireless transmitter equips all TESA digital instruments with Bluetooth technology and allows users to easily export the measured values ​​to a computer. Thanks to the free TESA DATA-VIEWER software, data can be collected, analysed and stored to ensure perfect traceability.


Contact your local TESA representative to arrange a demonstration and use the links below to find more information about these innovative instruments.


Click here to download the TESA µ-HITE flyer

Click here to download the TESA µ-HITE brochure

Click here to download the TLC-BLE + TESA DATA-VIEWER product info

Click here to download the free software TESA DATA-VIEWER

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