Brown&Sharpe TESA Services and support


At Brown&Sharpe TESA we believe that customer service is essential.

Our Service activities have been designed to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. Our headquarter provides qualified staff profiting from the experience and expertise that Brown&Sharpe TESA has developed in the field and is equipped to provide deliver efficient and dynamic service activities.

For convenience and proximity, services are also available through our authorized repair centers around the world.  

Services offered:


  • Calibration: To keep your tools accurate, Brown&Sharpe TESA will check and calibrate your equipment and issue an official SCS (Swiss Calibration) certificate or Brown&Sharpe TESA measuring report.


  • Repairs: Your handtool or Height Gauge needs repairing, Brown&Sharpe TESA will rapidly provide solutions whether your equipment is under warranty or not. These include product repairs, exchanges and rentals.


  • Warranty extensions are offered on specific products by simply registering your tool on-line.


  • Product Support: Product application and technical assistance, as well as documentation and tutorials are available for Brown&Sharpe TESA equipment.


  • Training: a large pallet of trainings and tutorials have been created to answer your needs. These include operations training at installation; in-depth product applications training at Brown&Sharpe TESA Headquarters as well as on-site and tailor-made trainings.


  • Maintenance: For your peace of mind, Brown&Sharpe TESA proposes preventive maintenance agreements to prolong the life and ensure accuracy of your equipment.


  • Product Customization: If you have specific measuring requirements, Brown&Sharpe TESA has a dedicated team of engineers that will customize tools to fulfill your needs.